Are you tired of your doctor treating you like a number instead of a person?

Have you ever…

  • Woken up with a bad kink in your  neck that won’t go away?
  • Gone through your day just fine when all of a sudden your back goes out?
  • Been so debilitated by a headache you had to shut yourself up in a dark room?

All you want is someone who can take care of you. Maybe you have a chiropractor you know and trust, but what if you don’t? All you want is to call in, make an appointment, and begin the process of healing.

Maybe you’re afraid to call a chiropractor because the last time you did they made you sit through 2 hours of “education” all in an attempt to make you sign a contract for long term care. The last thing you want in your injured state is a chiropractor pressuring you into a needless multi-thousand dollar “care plan” just to see you!

I have practiced in all types of clinics from the traditional high volume practice where I was instructed to spend no more than one minute with a patient, and the patient was just one more tick in the practice statistics. I have also worked in the high pressure sales practice where our goal was to get patients to sign up for a multi thousand dollar care plan, and the patients were measured by dollar value. Both types of practices view the patients as nothing more than numbers bringing in money.

I knew that neither of these models were the type of practice that I was looking for, and neither of them truly served you the patient. I wanted to find a type of practice where I could give my patients more face to face time while not pressuring them into long term care plans.

What if I told you there was a simpler, more convenient, and more cost effective alternative out there. What if there was a chiropractor who could work around your schedule? Perhaps most importantly what if this chiropractor promised you more face time, and more attention all while being extremely affordable?

You deserve a new and better form of healthcare delivery. The best part? Instead of being made to feel as just another number being pushed through the doctor’s office, you will be treated as a real person. Just imagine; no more being rushed, no more high pressure, and much more focus on getting you back to your life.

If you’re tired of being treated like a number instead of a person then I recommend you head on over to the appointments page and select the consultation option so we can see how best to help you.

Clinical Background

Dr. Jared Hymas received a B.S. in political science from Brigham Young University Idaho and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. He also has training and certification in the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT). A system that is used by elite level athletes to stay in top form and condition. Dr. Hymas also recently completed post graduate education in Equine adjusting and is more than happy to adjust your horse!

My Personal Side

Now that we have formally met and you know my credentials I want to take a moment for you to get to know the real Dr. Jared Hymas.

By day I am a chiropractor and there is nothing more satisfying than helping people get better. When I am done helping people and I can take the doctor hat off there are many sides to my life.

First and foremost I am a family man. I am married to a beautiful wife and between the two of us we have 3 amazing children who are 7,6, and 5 years old each. Playing wrestle, building trains, and dress up are some of our favorite past times.

I also happen to be a big nerd. I love everything Marvel, Star Wars and Disney. The fact that all three franchises are now under the same umbrella blesses my little heart. I have attended comic-con in the past and am always in line to see the first showing of any new super hero/Star Wars movie.

However, I also happen to be a big sports fan. Specifically a Boise State Bronco fan! But I am also a fan of good games and find myself watching and playing sports as much as I can.

When I have time I love to get outdoors and explore. Nothing wakens the senses quite like a good hike.