Unfortunately many people have developed the belief that they have to live with their pain. Days turn to months turn to years and they suffer with their aches and pains while sitting at a desk or performing other routine activities of daily life. Perhaps they have even stopped taking part in things they used to enjoy. My first priority is to listen to my patients and then to find the root cause of the pain.

I help patient get out of pain, and then I help them predict and prevent injuries through utilizing the advanced muscle integration technique system to define the areas of vulnerabilities in the body. Once a vulnerability is discovered I work on the joint, soft tissue, and motor control of the area and then give exercises to prevent future injuries. This allows my patients to be proactive with their health.


There are a variety of reasons why patients seek my care – from those seeking only pain relief to those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Here is a brief overview of conditions I can help you with:

• Headaches • Joint Pain • Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Back Pain • Chronic Pain • Sprains/Strains • Muscle Stiffness • Sciatica • Sports Injuries • Pinched Nerves • Ankle pain • Tennis elbow


Helping my patients predict and prevent injuries is at the core of my approach to my care. The following are some of the services I offer:

• Chiropractic Treatment • Deep Tissue and Sports Massage • Advanced Muscle Integration Technique • Rocktape • Pain Prevention Exercises • Injury Rehab and Recovery • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Work • Wellness and Maintenance Care


The ultimate goal of my treatments is to get you moving better, functioning better, and living healthier. The results you will achieve are based on the goals that you set which may include:

• Less Pain and Increased Comfort • Improved Performance • Decreased Stress • Decreased Risk of Injury • Increased Pain Prevention • Enhanced Quality of Life


Horses need some TLC too. Keep your horse in top shape whether you race, show, or just enjoy your horse.


Stay on top of your game with the AMIT muscle work and rocktape applications.


Keep your entire family healthy, happy, and productive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept Insurance

As of April 2018, we accept Medicare, and most major carriers in the Twin Falls area

What About My First Visit

At your first visit you will have a consultation with Dr. Hymas, followed by an examination. If Dr. Hymas feels like you can benefit from chiropractic care he will commence to treat you at that time. To speed up your first visit you can download the appropriate new patient forms here.

Will I Have To Come For the Rest Of My Life?

Dr. Hymas’ goal is to get you better, and get you functional as soon as possible. We are not going to ask you for thousands of dollars up front before we see your, and we aren’t going to ask you to come back 3 times a week for the rest of your life. Dr. Hymas will determine a reasonable course of care for how he thinks he can best help you.

Will I Be Sore After My First Visit

The soreness described after your first visit to the chiropractor has been compared to that of how you feel after you begin exercising. Not everyone does get sore, but after your first visit you should drink plenty of water.