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integrity chiropractic

788 Eastland Dr
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Call us at (208) 734-3030

FAI: FemoralAcetabular Impingement

Yuck that is a mouth full to say.

Why did I rain down this terrible word on you?

Well honestly I have a patient who is suffering from this condition. Let’s break it down


Acetabular=Hip Joint

Impingement=Something isn’t moving right in the joint


Anyway this diagnosis has caused me to step back and re-evaluate how I treat patients.

You might think as a doctor, that I am perfect and get every diagnosis and treatment plan correct.

Well…I don’t.

I perform an evaluation, listen to a patients history and make a best informed decision from there.

So this patient I have been treating for a while, he is younger and otherwise healthy. He is active, walking around 20k steps a day.

And he suffers from anterior hip pain.

He had been to a chiropractor before moving down here who would adjust his SI and that seemed to get things working well.

After he moved down here he waited a while before finding another chiropractor.

Right away when a patient tells me this type of history, I get locked into a couple of diagnoses. SI joint dysfunction or bursitis, or femoralacetabular joint dysfunction.

So I work on this patient, we get him adjusted and he feels better…for a day or two at a time. After so many visits I send him to physical therapy.

He feels better for a time, but then he comes back to me.

These past couple of weeks have been really bad. He would get adjusted and he would have relief for maybe one hour. He manages a restaurant so it’s not like he can take significant time off to recover.

It’s bad enough that I sent him out for an MRI to see if there is anything else going on his hip or low back that would be causing this pain.

The MRI indicated that the patient might be suffering from FAI.

Wow…I had never even stopped to consider this diagnosis.

I furiously went online to refresh myself on what exactly FAI is and the indications and treatment options for FAI.

And it just reminds me that I can’t be too quick to jump to the conclusion that I want to hear when a patient comes in. Luckily this patient was…patient enough with me to stick it out until we could find out what was wrong with him, but not everyone would do that.

When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail, but we have to remember that we have a whole set of tools beyond just the hammer.

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